Employee Spotlights

We are excited to welcome two new members to the InSource Insurance team! Our team is always growing because we want to continue to help our clients with exceptional customer-service as well as a wide variety of experts in insurance and bonding. Take a look at our new employees and see if InSource would be a good fit for you.

Bryan Garvin

Bryan Garvin

Working at InSource for a month now, Bryan is our Vice President of Benefits. You can count on him to be the expert when you are looking for a comprehensive package of benefits for your business. Bryan enjoys life at InSource because there is immediate rapport with our clients. Our strong relationships have built up the best groundwork for ensuring our clients know our customer service is second to none. The positive leadership here has given Bryan insight to how our company has become successful in a competitive industry. Self-described as an easy-going and loyal guy, we know Bryan is going to fit in well at InSource and our clients will benefit from his previous experience and expertise.

Jennifer Conner

Jennifer Connor

Our new Account Manager of Life, Health, and Group Benefits has reached her month anniversary at InSource! Jennifer is a great addition to our team, and focuses on group benefits for your business. One aspect of InSource that stands out to Jennifer is our wonderful business culture. InSource works hard in the office but is also involved in our community. The balance of work and life gives Jennifer flexibility to get to know our community and gain relationships with the various businesses in our local area. Our new country loving manager is a hard-working team player that we’re excited to see grow and develop with us.

What about you?

Looking for a career change that can help you grow, help others, and offer great benefits? InSource may be the right place for you! As a successful business with three locations across the Permian Basin, we pride ourselves on being the best company to work for! We are very active in our community and enjoy giving back to those in need. For example, this past year we participated in the Basin Burnout BBQ cook-off benefiting local veterans. You can choose to work for anyone, so why wouldn’t you want to work for the best? Contact us today if you’re interested in becoming part of a winning team!