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Oil & Gas – Oil Field

When is the last time your oil field business’ risks were analyzed and addressed?

The oil service industry is extremely diverse and is comprised of a variety of businesses, including onshore and offshore, up-stream and down-stream, operators, drilling contractors, well servicing, pipeline, and trucking and manufacturing to name a few. Although all of these operations are part of the same industry, each specific business has its own set of risks and potential losses that need to be identified and addressed. Our vast experience in working with energy related companies has helped us to become experts in insuring the industry specific risks. You can trust our team to provide reliable products and professional service that your oil field business can depend on.

In oil field businesses, there are many serious risks to both businesses and employees. It is our goal to protect your company from the injuries, fines, and expenses that are prevalent in this line of business. Our team members will begin the process by examining your company’s current policies and practices. This allows us to pinpoint every opportunity for improvement. We will work alongside your team to ensure you have a proper risk management plan then begin customizing insurance policies to protect you from these risks.

When choosing an insurance agency, it is imperative that the agent knows the specific industry coverages that you may need. At InSource Insurance Group, we understand the energy industry and the required insurance coverage.

We understand that there are unique needs within the energy industry and will develop unique plans to properly safeguard your oil field business’ specific assets. This customized protection is made available by the 50+ industry specific insurance carriers that we have relationships with. Our team members will work with you to choose from the variety of available coverage and deductible options to find the plan that best meets your business’ needs and budget. Once it is implemented, we will ensure your team is confident in the management of this policy and address any questions or concerns. Our team is available in person at our Midland, Odessa, and Lubbock offices, as well as in remote locations throughout the rest of Texas.

Don’t let your business remain vulnerable any longer! Trust our experienced team to provide products that will properly address your needs and service that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to begin creating your tailored plan!

  1. Direct access to over 50 insurance carriers to place almost any type of risk.
  2. Experienced Sales and Service Staff
  3. We have locations in Midland, TX, Odessa, TX, and Lubbock, TX and staff located throughout the state.
  4. We have relationships with over 50 different insurance carriers so that we can adequately insure almost any business, regardless of size or operations.  We can help your company design and implement an effective and competitive insurance and risk management program.
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