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Did you know 19% of adults age 25-44 are affected by severe gum disease? Make sure your employees and their families have access to valuable dental care that they may need!


Adults are not the only ones who experience dental health issues. According to the American Dental Association, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children. InSource understands that to attract and retain the best employees, it is critical to provide the individual or family benefits they expect and deserve. Providing this coverage will also promote employee health and wellness. You can trust our team to provide dependable dental insurance policies that will meet the needs of your employees as well as your budget.

Our benefit plans can help you and your family maintain good oral health while reducing out-of-pocket expenses. We offer numerous coverage options from various insurance companies specializing in oral healthcare. Through our years of experience, our team has built strong relationships with these carriers. This allows you to choose the coverage and deductible options that are best for your company. We even offer dental insurance that covers implants and plans including orthodontics. Our team understands that this is a difficult decision and will create recommendations customized to your unique needs. Once you have decided on a policy, we will ensure you are confident in its management and that it accommodates your team throughout your business’ growth.

Our team has the connections and experience necessary to deliver a quality dental plan that your employees and their families can depend on.


The InSource team prides itself on providing dental insurance that Texas companies can count on as well as other businesses around the US. We have locations in Midland, TX, Odessa, TX, Lubbock, TX, and staff located throughout the state and across the country. Our team members are also licensed to sell and service insurance products in almost every state. Although we specialize in working with oil and gas companies, this large service area has given us experience in virtually every other industry.

Your employees and their families deserve dental coverage that they can depend on. We offer full coverage dental insurance policies that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Our team members have the experience and products to help choose and maintain a policy that will satisfy your employees for years to come. If you are curious about our other services or are ready to start choosing your dental plan, give us a call today!

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