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Long Term Disability

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Taking care of their best interest gains their trust and respect as well as attracts the best talent.

InSource Insurance knows the ins and outs of long-term disability insurance, or LTD, and all the nuances that come with keeping your employees safe. We work with many different carriers to ensure you get a wide range of offers at a variety of prices. With the help of our talented team, you will receive a comprehensive employee benefits program that is designed to offer your employees the protection they deserve at the price you want.

What is Long-Term Disability?

Picking up where Short-Term Disability ends, most LTD takes place after 3 to 6 months of an employee’s accident. Depending on the carrier, most LTD insurance pays the injured employee 50-70% of their salary until the employee is able to work again. Labeled as one of the most dangerous industries in America by OSHA and the United States Bureau of Labor, all oil and gas businesses must carry a $1 million Workers’ Compensation policy.

Our team has worked with businesses of every size and know protection and price is important to you.

What does LTD cover?

  • Injuries occurred on the job
  • Injuries that occur due to a job but take time to develop
  • Injuries that last more than 3-6 months
  • Full-time employees
  • Employees at the company for an agreed upon time

We will develop an easy to understand plan with a variety of products for your business to start building its employee benefits program. Contact us today to see how Long-Term Disability Insurance can protect you and your employees.

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