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Some studies indicate that more than 61% of the US population is in need of vision correction. Do your employees and their families have the Vision Insurance coverage that they need?

See the Difference

Implementing vision coverage will allow your company to attract and maintain more talented workers. You rely on your employees every day, and your employees rely on their vision and other senses to help them work. Providing Vision Coverage for your employees can help to ensure that your team has access to quality corrective lenses and vision care that they may need. A 2014 Study by HCMS Group revealed that employers who offer their employees stand-alone vision benefits experienced $5.8 Billion in cost savings over 4 years due to reduced healthcare costs, avoided productivity losses, and lower turnover rates. You can trust our team to provide reliable vision insurance coverage that will exceed the expectations of both your employees and their families.

Our benefit plans can help you and your family to maintain proper eyesight health while reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Our diverse coverage options stem from our partnerships with insurance companies who specialize in vision healthcare. By offering our customers access to a variety of deductible and coverage options, we are able to meet your company’s unique needs and budget. We know this can be a difficult decision, so our educated and professional staff will educate you on each policy and allow you to decide which option is the best for your team members. Once you have chosen a policy for your business, we will remain available to address any questions or concerns throughout our partnership.

Our services will help your business gain a return on investment through increased employee attraction and retention.

Trust Our Team

Our team members strive to exceed your customer service expectations and will be continually available to advise you and answer any questions. We pride ourselves on providing quality vision insurance that companies can depend on. We have locations in Midland, TX, Odessa, TX, Lubbock, TX, and staff located throughout the state and across the country. We have employees who are licensed to sell and service insurance products in almost every state.

Offering benefits such as vision and dental insurance will increase your company’s recruiting efforts and retention rate. You can trust our team members to help you choose policies that will accommodate each of your unique needs. We have the technical background and passion necessary to properly supply and manage your employees’ benefits.

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