Odessa, TX

InSource Insurance Group, LLC was created by the merger of Flowers and McKeller Insurance Services of Midland, and Bogan, Dunlap, and Wood Insurance of Odessa. 

The professional agents at InSource partner with oil and gas companies to service their insurance needs. It is our mission to deliver comprehensive coverage at competitive prices to our clients.


We Started in West Texas.

 Insurance is a service industry. Our agency prides itself on our services exceeding the expectations of our clients. We know the value of a neighbor that delivers premium services. InSource has the expertise and access of a large broker, with the personal touch of a local neighborhood insurance agent. Unlike some of those large publicly traded brokers, our agency focuses on the client, and not stockholders.  

Our growth has been achieved through performance and client satisfaction. Your satisfaction is the focal point of our business. We believe, at the end of the day, insurance is about protecting people and their future.


How We Can Help You.

  • Commercial Auto.
    The world of auto insurance is always changing, with premiums often increasing. The team at InSource will help you find and manage the right auto coverage for your commercial vehicles. It is about more than repairing the car. Your business could be held accountable for any damages sustained while your commercial vehicles are in use. That could mean repair costs and medical expenses for multiple parties.
    Many states require different levels of coverage, and we can help you navigate those murky waters. Our direct access to multiple carriers allows us to offer various amounts of coverage with options like comprehensive and collision coverage. We can ensure that your auto insurance coverage fits your needs and protects your future.


  • General Liability.
    If your employees are on the job site using your machinery, you could be held responsible for any damages or injuries to someone else or their property. This is different than getting a car insurance quote because the oil and gas industry faces unique dangers.Without taking precautions, property damage liability could mean you are paying out for years to come. Bodily injury liability could have even more severe consequences. InSource can assess your risks and help you protect your business with a general liability policy.


  • Health and Safety.
    To find and retain quality workers, you need to provide a safe workspace that protects them and their well-being. We can assist you in setting up a group medical insurance plan. Our services can also be put to use in creating a safer workplace. The oil and gas industry works with large machinery and sensitive devices, and there is always the possibility of disastrous events. We will work alongside you to create safety programs and procedures.


This list is only a tiny sampling of the ways thatInSource Insurance can help you protect the future of your employees and your company. InSource is experienced in delivering property and casualty insurance solutions for the gas and oil industry. That service is combined with a focus on protecting the life and health of your employees. Insurance is all about safeguarding people and mitigating risk. With InSource, you will have a local partner in theMidland / Odessa Texas area to defend the future of your business.