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Business Owners Policy

If you are seeking a Business Owner Policy (BOP) that you can depend on to protect your small business in times of crisis, trust InSource!

Is a Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) Right for Your Company?

It is our goal to protect your business, property, and employees from any potential physical or legal damage, which is why we offer insurance for business owners. BOP offerings combine traditional business property and business liability insurance in order to provide the most coverage for “main street” or traditional small businesses. You can trust our dedicated experts to help you create a plan that will foster your business’ success and sustainability.

This type of insurance for small businesses protects against loss due to property damage, legal actions against you or your employees, stolen property, and more.

Why trust InSource?

During our many years in business, we have established relationships with industry renowned insurance carriers. Direct access to these companies will drive down your costs and give you more diverse options. The cost of insurance for business owners may seem overwhelming, but when emergencies arise, the right coverage is critical to your business’ survival.

Our team has the knowledge and dedication to create insurance plans that will address each need your business and employees may have. You can trust our team members to provide honest advice and answer any questions thoroughly. To learn more about our capabilities or to start designing your custom BOP policy, give us a call today!

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