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Commercial Property

Your business has significantly invested in its property. Are you sure that your assets are protected?

Why implement commercial property coverage?

Everything from your commercial building to the furniture inside of it is an investment, and it is our goal to protect each of your assets. InSource offers commercial property insurance policies that will ensure your property is safe from potential disasters and theft. You can trust our experienced staff to provide comprehensive coverage because we are well versed in the various coverage options that are available to protect your assets.

As a successful business owner, you have implemented rules and regulations designed to protect your business from loss and liability. No matter how much defense you create, there is always a risk for theft and other losses. These policies are designed to cover the damage to your real property and business personal property, and may assist with demolition and clean up costs, and if applicable, the costs associated with downtime. If you are renting property, we offer commercial rental property insurance that will fit your budget and business needs.

Our dedicated sales and service teams consist of experts that will help your company find the best commercial property coverage at the most competitive pricing.

Why trust InSource

InSource has over 80 years of experience fulfilling the insurance needs of businesses of all sizes. From vacant buildings and lessor’s risk only properties to large commercial warehouses and commercial real estate, we have developed plans to meet every unique need. During these years of experience, we have refined our coverage offerings to accommodate a wider variety of industry clientele and offer more options. In fact, we offer direct access to over 50 reputable insurance carriers who offer these coverages.

Our professional team members will create customized recommendations and work with you to choose and manage the policy that will best meet your needs and protect the future of your business.
It is crucial to the success and sustainability of your business that you protect your assets from this type of theft and damage. You can trust our passionate and professional team to create a tailored policy that will fully accommodate your needs. If you are curious about commercial property insurance rates or are ready to begin choosing your coverage, give us a call today to get started!

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