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Control of Well

Because we specialize in working with oil and gas companies, we are the perfect control of well insurance agency for your business!

As an oil and gas business owner, you are well aware of the dangers associated with the industry’s operations. In the event of a blowout or system failure, there is a serious risk of loss of life, damage to expensive equipment, cleanup costs, and destruction of the well itself. We encourage your company to frequently assess your infrastructure to minimize risk, but it is critical in the case of these emergencies that your business is protected from the extreme costs that can ensue from an above ground or below ground loss of control.

Control of well coverage is a highly specialized insurance product that requires detailed knowledge of the oil and gas industry. These policies cover some or all of the costs associated with regaining control of the well, cleaning up pollution from a blowout, and re-drilling/restoring the well to pre-loss depth. InSource has decades of experience fulfilling the insurance needs of oil and gas operators, and you can trust that we have the partnerships and experience necessary to protect you from these types of losses.

Our dedicated sales and service teams strive to meet the insurance coverage needs of oil operators and drilling contractors.

You can trust that our team recognizes the investment your company has made on these wells and will strive to protect this investment with our comprehensive coverage. According to some reports, BP’s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico cost the company $61.6 billion. We want to prevent your company from incurring similar detrimental costs during emergencies. By providing direct access to multiple insurance carriers, we are able to offer specialized  coverage options and loss control services, including incident response services from approved vendors to help ensure your protection. Many of our customers choose to work with Wild Well Control who responds to 85% of US and 80% of worldwide blowouts.

Trust the experienced professionals at InSource with all of your control of well insurance needs. We have the experience and partnerships necessary to provide comprehensive coverage that your business can depend on in the case of an emergency. To learn more about our capabilities or to get started choosing your coverage, contact us today!

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