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In today’s business world, it is critical to protect yourself from data breaches and online threats that can have expensive, time consuming, and even devastating effects.

Every day we hear of another data breach in the news, and that’s why in today’s technology-driven world, cyber liability insurance is a necessity. This coverage will protect your business from the serious effects of these attacks that can include lost data, recovery costs, and notification requirements.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Many companies don’t realize the risk they run when their devices are lost or stolen, their employees access malicious links, or their business becomes the target of a ransomware attack. Some studies suggest these breaches can cost an average of $6 million. If data ends up in the wrong hands, there are strict notification requirements that must be met. If the data is lost, it can result in expensive employee downtime and recovery efforts. Sometimes it is impossible to recover critical data, and companies are forced to start again from scratch. InSource can offer your company coverage in the following areas after a cyber attack:

  • Legal Fees
  • Computer Forensic Costs
  • Governmental/Industrial Fines and Penalties
  • Compliancy Audits
  • Required Customer Notification
  • Third Party Damage
  • Revenue Loss
  • Data Restoration

Cyber insurance is a growing industry and a proper plan depends on detailed knowledge of the subject. You can rest assured that our team members are continuously educated in the newest practices and regulations regarding these policies.

Why Trust InSource?

InSource has direct access to multiple cyber risk insurance carriers that offer this specialized coverage. We also offer specialized coverage options and loss control services including incident response services from approved vendors. You can trust our dedicated sales team to offer honest recommendations to meet your business’ unique needs and budget. We will walk you through the differences in and benefits of each available plan. Once you have chosen a plan, we will make sure you and your employees are confident in its management.

Cyber Liability is a highly specialized insurance product that requires detailed knowledge to make sure your business is properly covered. Trust the experienced professionals at InSource with all your cyber insurance needs. Our team members have the passion and education necessary to ensure your company is protected from the many cyber-threats it faces each day. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to get started in designing your policy!

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