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Oil & Gas Lease Property (OLP)

Is your valuable equipment protected while it is on your lease sites?

You have put considerable time and effort into the success of your oil and gas company, and it is our goal to ensure its continued prosperity and sustainability. Our team has the experience and education necessary to fully protect your oil lease property. We have a variety of oil and gas lease property coverage options available to meet the unique needs and budget of your business.

What is oil and gas lease property insurance?

Oil lease property includes a variety of assets such as tank batteries, pump jacks, heater treaters, separators, pumps, flow lines, and any other property that might be found on an oil or gas lease site. We understand that these items require large investments, and it is our goal to offer the insurance coverages and expertise that will protect them. Our coverages are designed to help recover the value of lost oil and equipment as well as to cover other expenses such as debris removal. We offer a variety of coverage and deductible options to fit the unique needs of your business.

Trust the experienced professionals at InSource to help cover the risk that comes with your oil and gas lease property.

Why trust InSource?

InSource has experienced professionals that are experts in oil and gas lease property insurance. Not only does our team boast years of experience, but we also have direct access to multiple carriers who provide this specialized coverage. This gives our customers access to various coverage and deductible options. We know that this can be a complicated process, which is why we will walk you through each option and help you choose the best plan to fit your company’s unique needs and budget. Once you have chosen a plan, we will ensure that you and your team are comfortable with the management of it. You can rest assured that your questions and concerns will always be addressed because customer service is our top priority.

To learn more about our capabilities or to start designing your policy, give us a call today!

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