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Environmental & pollution insurance is complex at its very core. You can trust our expert team to provide policies that will fully protect your business.


As an oil and gas company executive, you are well versed in the various environmental issues that your company may face. When BP experienced an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they incurred billions of dollars in cleanup costs and fines. It is our goal to protect your business from fines and costs such as these. You can trust our industry experts to provide reliable pollution liability insurance coverage that will ensure your success even in the face of disasters.

We will provide a close examination of your current coverage to ensure it is accommodating all of your company’s needs. If you are in search of a new policy, one of our risk assessment professionals will recommend a customized pollution policy that will protect you against injury to third parties; property damage; legal expenses; cleanup costs; disposal fees; and a variety of other incidentals that can arise unexpectedly. Our environmental policies are also designed to safeguard energy companies against pollution and EPA environmental claims that happen on site or on another company’s property. You can rest assured that our team will provide coverage that your company can depend on.

Your oil and gas company has a significant risk for water, air, and soil pollution. Our team strives to provide policies to protect your business from the repercussions of any pollution incident!


Our sales and service staff has years of industry experience that has taught us the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. Throughout those years, we have built strong relationships with a variety of insurance carriers who offer this specialized coverage. These relationships give our customers the ability to choose between a variety of providers who offer various coverage and deductible options. We understand that these types of policies can be complex and choosing the correct coverage can have extreme affects on your company – which is why we will thoroughly explain each of your option. Once you have decided on which pollution liability insurance coverage you want, we will ensure you are comfortable with its management.

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