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Workers’ Compensation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 53,000 workers compensation claims in 2016.


Workers in each industry face a variety of dangerous situations, and as a business owner, if something were to happen to one of your employees, you could be held liable. Although your company enforces strict safety standards and regulations, accidents are always a threat. We provide workers’ compensation insurance to help protect your business from the large costs associated with these claims. You can trust our team to handle these policies because we are industry experts who have access to a variety of carriers to ensure that your company is properly covered.

According to OSHA, the 2003-2011 on the job fatalities in the oil and gas industry were seven times greater than for all other U.S. industries. This statistic demonstrates that no matter how safe your team is, they will likely face serious dangers on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect your company against employee injuries and accidents by covering compensation benefits, loss of income, death benefits, and medical expenses.

Our team works with companies of all sizes, so you can trust that we will develop a policy that will accommodate your unique needs and budget.


Our team specializes in working with companies in the oil and gas industry, and is well versed in the unique requirements of these companies. Because of our years in business and number of clients, we have the ability to work with multiple insurance carriers that offer this type of coverage. This gives our clients access to a variety of coverage and deductible options. We will work with you to choose the plan that will best accommodate your company’s unique needs and budget, and ensure that you are confident in its management.

Trust the experienced professionals at InSource with all of your workers’ compensation insurance needs. We are dedicated to the protection and sustainability of your company. Whether you are curious about your potential workers’ compensation insurance cost or are ready to choose your policy, give us a call today to get started!

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