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Health, Safety & Environmental

As a business owner in the Oil and Gas Industry, your employees are often your greatest assets. Our Health, Safety, and Environmental (or HSE) Services help protect them.

Safeguard Your Team

Your Oil and Gas Industry employees face a variety of environmental health and safety threats each day on the job. When working with such large machines, sensitive equipment, and potentially catastrophic conditions, it is important for your employees to receive the most up-to-date and thorough training, education, and protection. These products and services will also help your company stay in compliance with federal, state, and industry regulations.

You can trust our InSource to work alongside you and your team to create more thorough and in-depth safety programs and procedures. This process begins with performing environmental health and safety audits and addressing each risk with in updated or newly created health and safety plans. Once we have developed these plans, we will work to train your employees and continue their safety education and training. You can trust that our industry experts will provide effective education and training via in person, online, and on our premises training sessions.

Our licensed experts will help your Oil and Gas Company meet the moral and legal obligation of providing comprehensive safety procedures, training, and education.
Work With the Experts

Our team has the experience and education necessary to successfully protect your employees and business. Regulations are frequently adjusted, and you can rest assured that our team is aware of each change that will affect your business and will update your plan as necessary. We are proud to provide the following HSE services:

  • Regulatory Compliant Safety Manuals
  • Safety Consulting
  • Site Analysis / Job Analysis
  • In-House Safety Training and Recordkeeping
  • General Construction
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Oil Field Activities
  • Manufacturing

We are known Texas’ top health and safety team for our ability to provide multiple management, training, and education services to the Oil and Gas Industry. If you are interested in learning more about our abilities or are ready to further your business’ commitment to employee health and safety, contact us today!

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