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Other Surety Bonds

InSource can assist your business with all of your surety bonding needs.


We are able to provide a wide variety of bonds for our commercial insurance customers, from Surety bonds to Contractors License Bonds to Fidelity Bonds, Contract Bonds, Oil and Gas Plugging Bonds, and many things in between.  Surety bonds ensure contract completion in the event of contractor default.

A Surety Bond is an agreement subject to the Bond Form. A Surety Bond is usually required for monetary compensation for failure to perform specified acts referenced in the Bond Form.

A Surety Bond is a generic name for all bonds. Surety Bonds are usually required by the state or Federal Government; these bonds are called License and Permit Bonds.

There are three parts of a Surety Bond, the first is the Obligee. They are the entity requiring the Bond. Second is the principal. The Principal is the person whom will perform the contractual obligations set forth in the Bond Form. The third part is the Surety Company. They are the entity who will be insuring the Bond.

As a valuable risk mitigation tool, InSource offers this unique form of insurance for all your project needs.

Our variety of surety bonds are designed to protect your business and ensure that all state and federal regulations are met.

Why should you trust InSource?

In order to fit the needs and budget of companies large and small, we offer numerous options from various surety companies specializing in surety bonds of all types. Because we understand the importance of these instruments, we will educate you on your options and be available throughout our relationship to address any questions or concerns.

With locations in Midland, TX, Odessa, TX, and Lubbock, TX, and with remote employees across Texas and the United States, we are equipped to provide your company with the service and assurance that you need.  Our team members are licensed to sell and service insurance products in almost every state in the United States.  To learn more about our capabilities or to start choosing the bonds that will best protect your next project, contact us today!

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