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When is the last time you analyzed and addressed the risks that your manufacturing business faces?

Protect Your Business

In today’s manufacturing business, demand and customer expectations are skyrocketing. When you have a growing business to focus on, it is best to leave the important task of insurance management to the experts. Our team strives to develop customized policies that will protect both your business and your employees. We have the experience and connections necessary to provide dependable manufacturing industry services, products, and customer service.

It is critical to the success and sustainability of your manufacturing business that you protect both your employees and your infrastructure. This includes implementing thorough safety policies and practices, as well as policies that safeguard your technology, machinery, and property. We begin our process by performing a thorough audit of your current policies and practices. This will help us develop more comprehensive plans and identify areas of improvement.

We understand that manufacturing is a big part of the oil and gas industry. From machine shops to custom fabricators and tank and vessel manufacturers, InSource has the partnerships and experience to cover any manufacturing related risk.

Work With the Best

Throughout our many years in the insurance industry, InSource has developed relationships with over 50 insurance carriers who have experience in working with manufacturing clients. This allows us to create customized recommendations for our customers that allow them to choose their coverage and deductible options. We understand that this can be a difficult decision and will work alongside your team to choose the best policy for your business’ needs and budget. Our team members will ensure that once you have chosen a plan, you are confident in its management.

Insuring the risks associated with a modern manufacturing business requires expertise and experience. You can trust our team to develop an insurance plan that will address each of your company’s unique needs and provide professional and personal customer service. To learn more about our experience within the manufacturing industry or to start tailoring your plan, contact us today to get started!

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