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Short Term Disability

1 in 3 working Americans will become injured for 90+ days.

Short-term disability insurance is your business’s safety net. When you work with InSource Insurance, you will have a dedicated team to help you choose the proper coverage within your budget. With a variety of choices, we will put together a disability insurance plan that will keep your employees happy. In an industry where accidents are abundant, the proper measures need to be taken to keep your employees safe.

What is Short Term Disability Insurance?

Short-term disability or STD is the protection your employees need if they are injured while performing their job duties. Companies that work in dangerous industries can find higher retention rates in employment if they offer benefits that reflect the nature of the industry. Policies differ from company to company and with the help of InSource, we can find the right mixture of offers for your business. STD usually starts after an injury is recorded and lasts for 3-6 months. If the employee can’t return to work after the scheduled amount of time, long term disability takes over.

As an insurance broker, we network with small and large insurance companies to ensure you get a wide variety of price-points and coverage options.

What does Short Term Disability Cover?

  • Injuries occurred on the job
  • Injuries that last less than a year
  • Full-time employees
  • Employees at the company for an agreed upon time

Selecting the best option for your business and employees will keep your employee retention rate high as well as allow you to pick the most financially beneficial option. InSource will work with you to develop a Short Term Disability Plan perfect for your business.

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