Midland, TX

We Started in West Texas.

Our work has put us in contact with oil and gas exploration and service companies all over the country. However, Midland, Texas is one of the places that our business started, and we have not forgotten our roots. The oil and gas insurance market is highly competitive and filled with different carriers that can come with hundreds of forms and endorsements. We are committed to helping our local neighbors get over these hurdles to find comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

 How We Can Help.

The oil and gas industry is a challenging place to operate. Beyond your standard day-to-day work, you still have to navigate things like insurance coverage, payroll, benefits, etc. At InSourceInsurance, we are insurance experts for the oil and gas industry. We know the coverage you need and the coverage your customers may require you to have. There are many different types of insurance that every customer needs. We are committed to finding the correct options that fit your circumstances. We provide multiple plans with many different options.

  • Life Insurance.
    To appeal to high-quality workers, you need to provide the option of a life insurance policy. Life insurance plans are all about protecting loved ones in the event of a death. The proceeds of a life insurance plan help cover final costs and provide care for the future of your family. We know the value of caring for your family. Our options include term, whole, and universal coverage. Our team will help you select the policy that best fits your company and employees.
  • Health Insurance.
    Providing medical plans is one way to find and keep the best employees. In some cases, premium medical benefits can be better than a raise. We provide group medical insurance. It is the cornerstone of our comprehensive employee benefits package. We have many coverage options available because we work with major medical insurance companies that specialize in working with commercial clients.
    The amount of coverage you need is dictated by your business and your employees. Some policies are tax deductible, and other plans can become more affordable as your team grows. Health care will be one of the most significant expenses you will have throughout your life. Make sure that your health insurance plan has the coverage you need by working with an experienced expert.
  • Health and Safety.
    The oil and gas industry is filled with massive machinery and sensitive equipment, but your greatest resource is your employees. Keeping them safe will make sure that everyone goes home uninjured and protect your business from losses in time or expenses. InSource will work with you to build safety and health plans that will mitigate the risks of your workplace.

One half of our business started in Midland. Our resources have expanded since then, but we have not forgotten our roots. We have the experience and carrier access of a large insurance broker with the personal touch of your local neighborhood agent.