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In 2016 alone, there were over 90,000 professional lawsuits. Don’t let your company fall victim to these types of cases!

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

In today’s complex legal environment, your business can face a lawsuit at any time. The high costs incurred during these proceedings can be detrimental to a company, and it is our job to prevent that. We offer professional liability insurance that will protect your company from incurring the fees that are typical during settlements, judgements, and other legal procedures. You can trust that our team has the experience necessary to provide products that you can depend on.

InSource Insurance Group can protect your bottom line against professional negligence, criminal defense costs, breach of contract oversights, and virtually any type of professional indemnity coverage that your oil and gas company will need in its day-to-day operations. Our professional coverage options include coverage for your directors and officers and can protect you against losses incurred by unintentional negligent actions. This prevents damage to your business’ reputation, profits, and sustainability.

With our educated team members and various policy options, we strive to protect our customers from the potential damages that incur from professional lawsuits

Why Work With InSource?

You can trust our team because we are experts in the unique needs of oil and gas companies. We have years of experience in working with this type of clientele and offer products catered to this industry. Throughout these years, we have built strong relationships with multiple insurance carriers who provide these policies. Our team members know that these policies can be complex and will explain each plan’s benefits and costs. Once you have chosen a policy for your business, we will ensure you are confident in your ability to manage it.

You can trust that our company will be dedicated to the success and sustainability of yours. Our team of dedicated professionals is aware of the latest regulation and policy changes and will ensure your policy is up to date at all times. Whether you are looking for a professional liability insurance quote or you are ready to start designing a policy that is unique to your company’s needs and budget, give us a call today to get started!

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